Women in Leadership Luncheon


At the Women in Leadership Luncheon we will be recognizing women leaders in the following categories: 1) business, 2) government and politics, 3) health care, 4) arts and literature, 5) community service, and 6) education and athletics. If you would like to nominate someone for one of these categories please fill out our nomination form.




On September 3, 2015, the Women's Foundation will host a luncheon to celebrate those in our community who contribute to the improvement of women's lives through education, advocacy and outreach. "Women in Leadership" will take place at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel from 11:30am-1:00pm. Once again, we will present the leadership awards that were a tradition with the Women's Commission: (1) the Alice Paul Award, given to a woman whose life's work reflects her dedication to the struggle for women's equality (2) the Erasmus Correll Award, given to a man who has exhibited outstanding commitment to issues affecting women (3) the Sojourner Truth Award, given to young women who attempt to enhance the quality of life for girls or women through volunteer efforts and/or community involvement.


Nominations can be made through the individual links below or contact lincolnwomen@gmail.com


Nomination for Alice Paul Award

2006 - Janice Walker

2005 - DiAnna Schimek

2004 - Leola Bullock

2003 - Dr. Gerise Herndon

2002 - Kathy Campbell

2001 - Melba Cope

2000 - Susan Scott

1999 - Susan Hale

1998 - Sheryl Schrepf

1997 - Dr. Barbara DiBernard

1996 - Linda Knox

1995 - Gail Linderholm

1994 - Jan Gauger

1993 - Lela Knox Shanks

1992 - Beatty Brasch

1991 - Lois Hansen; Donna Karnes

1990 - Kit Boesch

1989 - Donna Polk

1988 - Christine Funk

1987 - Judy Wesely

1986 - Betty Peterson

1985 - Ada Munson

1984 - E. Shelton Burden

1983 - Ina May Rouse

1982 - Rosemary Machacek

1981 - Lynn Roper

1980 - Rose Meile

1979 - Esther Hamon

1978 - Gina Washburn

1977 - Kappie Weber


Nomination for Erasmus Correll Award

2007 - Rev. Otis Young

2006 - Milo Mumgaard

2005 - Sen. David Landis

2004 - Rev. Lauren Ekdahl

2003 - Bob Moyer

2002 - Thom Cope

2001 - Topher Hansen

2000 - Rick Wallace

1999 - Brian Mathers

1998 - Tom Casady

1997 - Dr. Jim Lewis

1996 - Gary Lacy

1995 - Randy Moody


Nomination for Sojourner Truth Award

2005 - Kate Simmons

2004 - Sarah Mason

2003 - Natalie Roberts

2001 - Ixchel Swinehart

1999 - Evamarie McDowell

1998 - Julie Thai




In October, the Women's Foundation, in partnership with Nebraska Appleseed and the YWCA, will sponsor a three-part Civics Academy. This series will encourage women to become educated about local, state and national government in an attempt to invove them in the process of making their voices heard and how to bring about policy changes. All women and men are invited to attend this free event. Registration will begin in September.


Miles to Go: Women Activists Reflect on the Road Traveled

In the summer of 2013, The Women’s Foundation of Lincoln/Lancaster County began a video/audio project using oral histories to highlight individuals who were active in fighting for gender equality in Lincoln during the 1970s and early 1980s. The interviews were done with women who made important progress towards equality for Nebraska, each centering on salient issues, such as education, economic independence, legal standing, intimate partner violence, childcare and reproductive health. These twelve include women who were active in the Lincoln-Lancaster County Commission on the Status of Women and the Nebraska Coalition for Women. The footage has been edited to log interviews and select clips for 2-minute audio montages aired daily on the radio station KZUM (89.3) during Women’s History Month.


The Foundation’s goal for this project is to preserve the voices of women who fought for significant gains and to showcase activism: our purposes are to educate young people about local history that has a direct bearing on the rights they currently enjoy and to inspire them to continue fighting against injustice. Interviewees and areas of expertise include Ada Munson and Virginia Walsh, Nebraska Coalition for Women; Chris Funk, first Executive Director of the Lincoln-Lancaster Commission on the Status of Women; Lynn Roper, advocate for Title IX implementation; Ina May Rouse, the Displaced Homemaker Act; Marcee Metzger, former Women's Center director and Executive Director of Voices of Hope; Rosemary Machacek of New Directions Center; Helen Moore, second director of the Women’s Studies program at University of Nebraska Lincoln; Beatty Brasch, Executive Director of the Center for People in Need and long-time friend of Lincoln's first woman Mayor, Helen Boosalis; Natalie Olson, former officer of the Lincoln-Lancaster Women's Commission; Linda Pratt, former Executive Vice President and Provost of the University of Nebraska; and Mary Jo Ryan, advocate for early child care legislation and licensing of care centers.


We have produced an hour-long documentary comprised of interviews, archival materials, and other narration or historical information. The premiere of this film was held on September 30, 2014 at the Ross Film Theater.


Curriculum entitled "The Struggle for Women's Equality" has been developed and is available to schools to be used in classrooms across the state. The film is currently on DVD and is available to the public. Please contact us at lincolnwomen@gmail.com for copies.



Listen to the two-minute audio segments here:

Ada Munson and Ina May Rouse
Beatty Brasch
Chris Funk
Helen Moore
Linda Pratt
Lynn Roper & Natalie Olson
Marcee Metzger
Mary Jo Ryan
Rosemary Machacek
Virginia Walsh
Chris Funk & Virginia Walsh with Kathie Uhrmacher
Jan Gauger

Jareldine Mays

Thomas Christie


If you are interested in viewing the full length videos of the original interview you may find them here.



Mission: The Women's Foundation of Lincoln & Lancaster County is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides resources for educational programs, advocacy, and services that promote equality and social justice for women.


Projects - Past and Present: Some of the projects that the Women's Foundation has sponsored are: The Women and Money Conference provides valuable financial education for women to help them in areas like budgeting, savings, investing and planning for retirement.

Real Women Run is an initiative to encourage and support women who are interested in political life and/or running for public office.


Lincoln Women's Voices: A History of Activism is an oral history project. Women who were activists during the 70's and 80's were interviewed about the changes that came about in the women's movement.


A "Women at Work" Conference was held on Saturday, October 4 at the UNL City Campus Student Union. This conference combined some of the Women and Money subjects, popular in previous conferences, with those that involve Women in the Workplace. Topics included Equal Pay, Flexibility in the Workplace and Non-Traditional (STEM) Jobs for women and handling of personal finances and planning for the future.


History: In 1977, the Friends of the Commission on Women was established to support the Lincoln-Lancaster Women's Commission and was one of the first "Friends" organizations in the country. While the Lincoln-Lancaster Women's Commission was defunded in 2007, Mayor Chris Beutler formed the Mayor's Commission on Women because there is a continuing need in our community for women's voices to be heard. The Lincoln Mayor's Commission on Women currently consists of 15 women and men who advise the Mayor and his office on the issues that pertain to women and families in Lincoln. The Women's Foundation, which was started in 2012, aims to aid the work of the Commission as well as the creation of other projects that serve women and their families in our community.